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Savannah Natives Anthony Lanier II and Malik Benlevi's Unforgettable Jersey Swap in Canada

In an unforgettable display of hometown pride and sportsmanship, Savannah natives Anthony Lanier II and Malik Benlevi, now professional athletes in Canada, recently engaged in a heartfelt jersey swap that captured the essence of their journey from their hometown to the Canadian professional leagues.

Lanier, a standout football player, currently represents the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Canadian Football League (CFL), while Benlevi showcases his basketball skills as part of the Saskatchewan Rattlers in the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL).

During halftime of an electrifying Rattlers basketball game, the two athletes took center stage for the jersey swap, a moment that reflected their shared athletic journey and unwavering support for each other. Lanier presented Benlevi with his cherished No. 91 football jersey, a symbol of the camaraderie that has blossomed from their days in Savannah to their current professional careers in Canada. In return, Lanier received Benlevi's No. 11 basketball jersey, a gesture that highlighted the genuine respect and admiration they share for each other's achievements.

Their journey to the professional leagues was paved with success and recognition in their high school days, earning them All-State, All-Region, and All-Greater Savannah selections. These accolades foreshadowed their incredible performances at the college level, with Benlevi leaving his mark on the basketball court at Georgia State, while Lanier showcased his football talent at Alabama A&M.

Now, as professional athletes in Canada, Lanier and Benlevi stand as shining examples of determination, friendship, and community support. Their heartwarming jersey swap at the Rattlers' game serves as a powerful reminder of the connections that sports foster and the endless opportunities that await dedicated athletes like Anthony Lanier II and Malik Benlevi.

As these two exceptional athletes continue to leave their mark on the Canadian sports scene, their cherished jersey swap moment will forever be etched in the hearts of fans and aspiring athletes, inspiring them to reach for the stars and embrace the unifying spirit of sportsmanship.

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