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Music Producer
Music Producer

Rich Kings born Richard Emerson Jr. in Indianapolis, IN., which is also where he was raised (on the Westside of town), is an upcoming rapper that’s making a great effort to push his young career far enough to make it into the industry. His first realization of his ability was at the age of 14, when he started reciting his poems in rhythmic style out loud. His poems were usually violent and filled with anger, because it was the only way for him to release his thoughts, because of problems with his father, self-conflicts, and basically everyday life.


Throughout the years Rich has learned to switch up his styles, and can basically touch on any subject that there is to rap about. He’s mainly known for being a hype, violent, punch-line rapper, but he is also versatile and can harmonize, rap fast or slow, and can create songs that the public can relate to. Rich Kings is in the process of getting his name up and creating a bigger fan base by performances, putting songs on the radio and having his songs played in parties and clubs. He’s also opened up for artist such as Webbie and Lil’ Boosie on many of occasions, and has performed at various locations throughout the city and out of state. With all this being said Rich Kings is on his way to have a place somewhere in the industry.

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Starring Rich Kings aka Ricky Retardo
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