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Milli HMG has reiterated the commitment to challenging the status quo in the music industry, especially in the rap scene, as the Pulaski Tennessee native recently dropped a new single titled Black Excellence, where he celebrates people of color that have contributed immensely to promoting the plight of blacks in the United States and other parts of the world.

“I’m more focused than I was. I want to learn the business as well as be an artist so I’ve been studying more about the business and I’ve been writing way more than I was 6 months ago,” said Milli HMG.

The music scene continues to evolve as more talented acts emerge in different parts of the world across genres to deliver an amazing experience to listeners. Hip-hop and rap have undoubtedly played a role in the growth and evolution of the music industry. However, many of the songs coming out of speakers seemingly lack the message that endears the genre to millions of people worldwide, which is where Milli HMG is looking to make a difference as substantiated by the release of Black Excellence and other new projects.

Milli HMG has honed his skills over the years, leveraging his diverse knowledge and experience to create entertaining yet thought-provoking songs. The artist has shown his creativity, ingenuity, and seriousness with his craft, as he is set to drop new singles and videos in the coming months.


Black Excellence was produced by @aonesaucethebeat, as Milli HMG continues in the pursuit of delivering high vibration, energetic, fun music to his audience, with different flow patterns, powerful punchlines, and a unique blend of feel-good experience, delivering an all-inclusive package to his fans.

The new single as well as other upcoming projects from Milli HMG is available on all major streaming platforms for the listening pleasure of listeners across the globe as he continues in his quest to create a unique experience for lovers of good music worldwide.

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